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Downtown Trader Joe’s By End of Year

The end of 2006 cannot come fast enough for this home cook. That’s because by then, the much-anticipated downtown Chicago Trader Joe’s will be open in River North.

A Downtown Chicago Thanksgiving

It’s official. I’ve morphed into Betty Crocker. During dire financial straits in 2004, I became a home cook. This Thanksgiving, I put my newfound kitchen skills to the test.


When you tell people you live downtown, the second thing they always ask (after they ask where you park) is where you shop for food. But what’s equally important to know is how. And if you didn’t just fall off the suburban boat yesterday, it’s not done with a car.

Downtown Market, Uptight Shopper

People who don’t live downtown always assume you can’t shop for groceries down here. They all think our only option is the Dominick’s at Madison and Halsted, ’cause that’s all they see from the Kennedy. Truth is, I’m closer to more supermarkets down here than I ever was when I lived north of North…and closer to the more, um, interesting people who shop in them.

Oasis vs. Field’s Food Court Smackdown

When you live and work downtown, those lunchtime eateries we all frequent on weekdays merit added importance–and scrutiny. Comparing Oasis middle-eastern takeout with Marshall Field’s food court on opposite sides of Wabash, the one spectacularly worth making a special trip for is not the one you might think.

Coq au chat percé (Chicken Tag)

Ever since I became a home cook, I’ve wanted to try my hand at coq au vin. This Saturday with Devyn, I finally took the plunge. We both agreed it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made. Here’s the recipe.

How to Keep a Boyfriend Happy

The way to a man’s heart is most assuredly through his stomach and let no one steer you wrong about this. Our grandmothers knew what they were talking about when they passed on this failsafe gem. All you need is a game plan. Here’s mine.