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South Loop Chicken Shack Smackdown

As if the death of Marshall Field’s weren’t enough, trouble is brewing yet again between another home-grown Chicago icon and a national interloper. If you frequent the South Loop, get ready for a fried chicken smackdown. Because soon to join the venerable Harold’s Chicken Shack #62 on the same South Loop block is…a franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Really?

Big Trouble Over Huge Sandwich

Yesterday, the Macy’s on State Street signage troubles that I uncovered weren’t the only public-relations blunder dogging the Cincinnati-based department store giant, Federated. Full-court press also went to the South Loop’s Eleven City Diner for daring to serve a sandwich named after the defunct Marshall Field’s–a sandwich that actually earned a cease-and-desist letter from Federated.

“Taste” Tested

There’s no sweeter music to my ears than the woosh of 100 collapsing vendor tents, coming down today in Grant Park after the conclusion of another year’s Taste of Chicago, the Second City’s annual lakeside food extravaganza. Last week, I asked my native-Chicago friend, Rozella, if she wanted to go to the Taste. Her response was telling: ‘Oh sure, I just live to dine over a dumpster and pee in a porta-potty.’

Intelligentsia: Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Nothing good lasts forever, especially the downtown-resident friendly evening hours of the Randolph Street Intelligentsia coffee bar. Earlier today, I praised Intelligentsia for meeting the needs not just of midday office workers and tourists but downtown residents as well. Now they’ve gone and cut back their hours–specifically, the evening hours that would benefit local residents.

The Stew That Dare Not Speak Its Name

I am a kimchi chigae crack ho. Give it to me three squares a day. Blend it and stick it in an IV. Hell, just let me drag my futon over to Kimball and the Kennedy and I’ll just live in Chicago Food Corp. Fie on you, dear Korean friend (I – don’t – friggin’ – look – like – Margaret – Cho) Rozella, for showing me how to make this traditional Korean stew.