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Eleventh Heaven

As I happily Twittered, I had lunch yesterday at Eleven City Diner, the two-year-old nouveau-Jewish deli in he South Loop. This followed an impromptu dinner last week, when I needed a long walk to work off the stress of my blog migration project and unintendedly meandered to 11th and Wabash. No matter how native I may have gone here in Chicago, it’s always gonna be about the NY-style chopped chicken liver for me. And Eleven City Diner has exactly that.

Scraping on State Street: A Year of Macy’s

It’s generally not a good sign when the ABC news van is parked in front of your establishment in the middle of the business day. ABC was reporting on food health violations at the new Macy’s State Street. I’d much rather discuss the economic health of the store after a year of deaf-eared marketing decisions by Federated CEO Terry Lundgren.

“Oasis Cafe” Moves Out of Wabash Jewelers Mall

Suleiman Ahmed is the proud owner of the Chicago Loop’s popular Oasis Cafe, the middle-eastern falafel shop that until June had been tucked oddly into the back of Wabash Avenue’s Jewelers Mall for 17 years. Depsite what the little yellow sign may say outside, it’s not coming back, at least not to that location. As Ahmed tells it, he spent his summer dodging bombs in his native Nazareth only to return to Chicago to do battle with the mall’s new owners over the terms of his lease.