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Nommy Food Porn at

Has your inner foodie ever wanted to gave voyeuristically across a dining room to appraise the wonder of some culinary delight being enjoyed at a table of strangers? Boy, have I got a website for you. Savor the food porn–without feeling dirty–at

Taste for the Taste of Chicago

I admit it, for the first time in the six-and-a-half years that I’ve been a Chicagoan I had a good time at the Taste of Chicago. Not that I don’t love shuffling at one mile an hour in direct 90-degree sunlight, eating over a trash can, running from wasps, and peeing in a porta-potty…

Introducing My New ChicagoNow Byline: CHICAGOSPHERE!

Two weeks ago, I alluded to a cool, new blogging project I was invited to be a part of. Today, that project is being unveiled as a public beta. As some of you already know, I’m talking about ChicagoNow, a new blogging community in development by the Chicago Tribune as a way to increase the masthead’s relevancy in an increasingly Web 2.0 world.

Devil Dog Deliverance

When Sole Man Donn called last Friday to tell me he was on a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip in New York, he asked if I wanted him to bring anything back from my long-ago hometown. ‘No, thanks,’ I said and put my iPhone back in my pocket. Ten seconds later I found myself frantically pulling it out again. Before Donn could manage a greeting, I yelled into the phone, ‘Devil Dogs!’ Several times.

Big Gay Guest Shot: My Interview on “Feast of Fools”

Today, I’m the featured guest on Chicago’s homegrown Feast of Fools podcast, the most popular LGBT-themed daily talk show on the planet. Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of: a giddy gay blogger!

“We’ve replaced the fine Doug Zell Intelligentsia normally serves with James Liu, let’s watch…”

Ten days ago, when I lamented the over-the-top response of Chicagoist and some of their readers to my Gapers Block piece on how Intelligentsia Coffee alienated me as a customer, I never thought Intelligentsia’s own staff would jump on the bandwagon.

Food Beat: Unaffordable Intelligentsia; Sugar Bliss Misery

Good lord, sometimes I should just eat in. The latest from my Gapers Block: Drive-Thru foodie byline? Two downtown establishments: one I used to love, one I doubt I ever will, but both giving me agida in the same week.

Sanctuary at the Bottom of a Deep Dish

Pizzeria Due saved my sanity when I first decamped Atlantic shores for Lake Michigan ones in the early 2000s. That’s why my recent trips to the less-touristed, cheaper Lou Malnati’s have left me riddled with guilt.

Food Beat: Sun Wah Beijing Duck, Bank-Busting Marc Burger

If it’s any day ending in ‘-day’, you know I’m still eating. This weekend on my Gaper’s Block Drive-Thru foodie byline, the love is as crispy as it is juicy. Browse through to Chicago’s favorite, home-grown group blog and read all about it…

Sin with Chili at Cinner’s, But Hold the Rice at Wow Bao

This week I paid visits to a couple of my regular joints: Lincoln Square’s authentic Cincinnati chili parlor, Cinner’s; and the north Loop’s chainy but yummy Asian bun eatery, Wow Bao. And as usual, I’m telling you all about it on my Gapers Block:Drive-Thru foodie byline.