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Why New Yorkers Don’t Understand Chicago Pizza

New Yorkers always seem to completely misunderstand Chicago pizza. There’s a reason for that.

Alinea vs. the Pope

It’s stunning when a Pope takes a more liberal stand on children than does a Chicago eatery. The Alinea baby controversy–and adults who should know better.

On How I Doctor My Shakshuka

What’s shakshuka? What’s shakshuka?! Poached eggs in spicy tomato sauce and the best middle-eastern breakfast ever. Here’s mine. Full of photos and, as with all shakshuka recipes, controversy. B’tei avon!

The Deviled Ham’s in the Details

I’ve been studying kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws, but in Reform Judaism keeping kosher would be up to my conscience. I never expected my conscience to care. Yet as I begin my conversion journey, I can’t seem to make it past the supermarket checker anymore without taking several of my favorite food items out of my basket and leaving them behind.

Pork Bun Dressing with a Hungary Chaser

Wow Bao may be the most responsive local eatery on Twitter. But would you dress like a life-size steamed bun for them? Wow them with your fannishness in a new contest to win free food. Think: “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” Only meatier.

Raise a Cup with the Windy City Wine Guy

If you thought Chicago’s only new media-savvy sommelier was Alpana Singh, think again. Michael Bottigliero, scribe of Windy City Wine Guy, is out to show Chicagoans that the viney beverage is nothing to be feared by the average Midwesterner.

Vegetarian Gumbo Zombie Attack!

Husband-and-wife food bloggers Kelly Reis and Jason Waclawik video their meatless kitchen adventures every week at The Vegetarian Librarian. Just in time for Halloween 2009, on this week’s show some unexpectedly undead guests arrive to sample the duo’s vegetarian/vegan gumbo.

The (Second) City Vegetable

Shannon Fitzgerald is no stranger to her kitchen. An unyielding addiction to the foodie blogs of others led this on-again-off-again Chicagoan to launch her own–and a vegetarian blog at that. Amid a sea of omnivorous Chitown food & drink blogs, The City Vegetable celebrates its first birthday in the Second City.

…And There Was Pork: Sky Full of Bacon

Chicago’s best multimedia food blog is Michael Gebert’s Sky Full of Bacon and I’m late to the party in saying so. His long-form video podcasts and essays tell the interesting stories behind the food that hits Chicago tables–and the people committed to getting it there. Foodies with attention spans will go away hungry for more.

Pepsi Challenged

‘I was in a bilevel Burger King, with the dining room squeezed in downstairs from the order counter. I ordered something I don’t remember and a large Pepsi. I really don’t know what happened. A tremor? A foot slip? But there I was walking downstairs watching my soda tumble end over end in slow motion in front of me.’