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On Chicagosphere: OS Wars, Nonprofit Hijinks, Meatball Sundaes, Trailblazing Bloggers

While I settle down from the throttling I got from my fellow Mac users over my recently announced decision to migrate to Windows 7, here’s a look at the no-less debate-worthy topics I’ve covered lately on Chicagosphere, my byline about the local blogosphere on the Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow network.

Are News Exclusives the Meatball Sundaes of Web-Based Media?

Last week, local dining-industry PR shop Restaurant Intelligence Agency wrote a blog post telling clients to concentrate on exclusive media pitches or risk being blackballed by angry reporters. As long as three years ago, however, media watchers began warning that exclusives can actually do more harm than good in a highly interactive, Web 2.0 media world. Who’s right?

An Interview with Journalist Blogger Laura Washington

In Chicago, the idea of journalists blogging for free is a controversial one at best. Some journalists scoff at the suggestion that they give their words away for free. However, Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington does just that–and in the process shows why blogging is key to the future of journalism. Enter: The Washington Report.

Should You Believe Everything You Read Just Because a Reporter Writes It?

It’s amazing how unused to receiving criticism reporters can be. Since writing about the future of journalism in Chicago this week, I’ve been inundated with comments from reporters telling me that I don’t have the right to share my opinion or voice dissent when it comes to reporters…because I’m not a journalist myself. In today’s video post I ask my audience, do you think you should believe everything you read just because a reporter writes it?