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Reliving the Grant Park Countdown

As thrilled as the world was to learn that America elected its first black President on Tuesday night, the reaction to the news by revelers at Grant Park was transcendent. Here’s what you didn’t see on TV: a quarter of a million people spontaneously counting down in unison while awaiting the West Coast polls to close–drawn from the YouTube feeds of my fellow Obama rally revelers.

Guidebook for a Media Meltdown

This month, Community Media Workshop releases the 18th edition of its annual media guide, ‘Getting On the Air, Online & into Print’. Long the undisputed bible of Chicagoland news media contacts, if you’re a nonprofit communications manager or public-relations specialist working anywhere near the southwest shore of Lake Michigan, chances are you’ve got one of these spiral-bound tomes on a nearby shelf.

“On 9/11 I Lost New York” 2008 Edition

Today, with the world again awash in retrospect, I usually prefer to be blogging about about courtesy, or kittens, or one of any number of safer, happier, topics. Seven years on and I had originally thought not to mark the occasion again. At some point, we just have to emotionally let go inside, or we destroy ourselves. In the end, while I feel no need to make a pilgrimage to a dusty construction site in Lower Manhattan, I still feel a need for words.

The Newspaper Is Dead, Long Live the Newspaper

Last week’s newest bloodletting at Sam Zell’s Chicago Tribune saw bone start to be jettisoned along with flesh. On top of hundreds of job losses since the beginning of the year, early-buyout exits by managing news editor Hanke Gratteau and public editor Timothy McNulty-along with two dozen other core newsroom staff-from one of the most important news outfits in the nation is shocking. But it’s no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.