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FTC’s Material Disclosure Equals Best Practice for Bloggers

Last November, the Federal Trade Commission caused a group heart attack among bloggers and online advertisers when the agency announced its intention to regulate online endorsements. As the new rules debut this month, however, the only bloggers with cause to fear are the ones who consider their viewers purely as a means to a financial end, rather than as a community of real people worthy of respect.

Analyzing Helen Shiller’s Response to the Uptown Riot Controversy

Yesterday afternoon, Alderman Helen Shiller posted a lengthy response on the 46th Ward website regarding the widely viewed August 13th Uptown riot video and the firestorm of controversy surrounding it. Given the gravity of the situation for Uptown residents, it’s a response worthy of a line-by-line analysis by a communications strategist. Being one, myself (how useful is that?), that’s exactly what I’ve done. Read on to learn why I think Shiller’s response doesn’t fit the crime.

Twitter 101 for Business: Horizon Realty Edition

When Horizon Realty Group sued unhappy tenant and Twitter user Amanda Bonnen for ‘defamatory tweeting’ they might have avoided giving themselves a global PR black eye if only someone had read Twitter 101 for Business: A Special Guide…released by the microblogging platform just days before the tweet hit the fan.

Four Reasons Why Bloggers on Twitter Shouldn’t Pimp Facebook

The going assumption seems to be all social networking sites are the same: if you like me here, you’ll love me over there. The Internet is a bad place to make assumptions like that. Twitter and Facebook couldn’t be farther apart in the ways–and the whys–their respective communities mingle with each other. Here are four reasons why bloggers using Twitter shouldn’t push their Facebook pages on their followers, told from the perspective of a hapless new follower.

Meet the Blogosphere

Ladies and gentlemen of Chicago’s traditional, bricks-and-mortar news media and public relations infrastructure, let me introduce you to the fundamental criteria that govern the most important element of the future of American news media. Folks, it’s time to meet the blogosphere.

How Print News Will Survive on the Internet

If news is inherently a shared effort on the Internet, why are traditional news outlets trying to monopolize it with ham-fisted behaviors that violate the accepted norms of online community?

My Top 10 Twitter Pet Peeves

The top 10 behaviors of my fellow Twitterers that I find most annoying. If you’re a Twitter user, too, you may find yourself nodding in agreement as you read them. Unless of course you find one or two (or all) of them to be describing you…