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What Joe Ricketts Really Meant

There’s what Joe Ricketts wrote in his DNAinfo death statement. And then there’s what everyone else actually heard.

When Windy Citizen Was the World

A decade ago, if the Tribune couldn’t find the secret sauce at 435 North Michigan, we were going to come up with it ourselves in the back of a West Town coffee bar.

Why Kristen McQueary Didn’t Deserve a Pass from Her Readers

All you have are your words, and it’s your job to use them wisely at all times. That should be especially true for a Chicago Tribune editorial board member.

Introducing BENAMI MEDIA

Earlier this month, I shared my birthday with the launch of Benami Media, a communications strategy shop devoted to helping socially minded individuals and organizations tell their stories, grow awareness, and make change happen.

ABC Chicago’s Segregation Eve

Fifty years after Civil Rights, why does ABC Chicago think a New Year’s Eve telecast with separate parties in white and black neighborhoods is a good thing?

Your Next Awesome Community Manager

For hundreds of friendships and acquaintances, readers near and far, the blessings of my skill set, a loving partner, and free WiFi at Metropolis, I’m thankful. It is, indeed, a very, very good life.

Milwaukee Tourism Blows It Again in Chicago

Two years ago, I faulted Milwaukee’s tourism office for not understanding their audience: Chicagoans. This summer, Brew Town has once again plastered Chicago’s buses and ‘L’ trains with travel ads. Guess what they still don’t understand?

Stoop-Sitting for Singles

I’m one of the Interweb’s charter bloggers. In 1999 I began scribing the Brooklyn local site for For most of the following three years, I wrote weekly articles about life in the “Mother Borough.” I used to have an archive of all my old content, but a hard drive crash in the early 2000s put an end to that. Or so I thought.

Illinois to Disabled: Quality of Life Is Elsewhere

This month, the Chicago Community Trust’s Persons with Disabilities Forum announced surprising findings regarding the quality of life the disabled can expect to enjoy in Illinois. In short: not much.

2010 Knight News Challenge Deadline December 1st

This year’s Knight News Challenge deadline is December 1st. If you have an innovative idea about disseminating community news online, now is the time to apply for this Chicago Community Trust-managed grant competition.