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Misery of CTA Riders Has Company: San Franciscans Plagued By Ingrate Transit Union, Too

If you think Chicago is the only place in America where a transit union has angered an entire city, think again. This week, San Franciscans are getting ready to play hardball with their intransigent transit union, too.

San Francisco Conundrum

Devyn and I are back from our coastal sojourns and it’s official: he wants to move to New York (eventually), and I want to move to San Francisco (yesterday if possible, please). The unbridled density and punishing beauty of SFO are mind boggling. Devyn reminds me San Francisco has earthquakes. Well, NYC has terrorist attacks. And unlike terrorists, the earthquakes aren’t actually trying to kill you

Away by the Bay

Gone off to San Francisco for the weekend, while Devyn goes off to spend some quality time with his best friend in New York. Our separate trips peg well our common proclivities. We both live in Chicago, the third-most densely settled city in America. Where do we go to get away from it all? The most and second-most densely settled cities in America.