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Some Like It (Alarmingly) Hot

Does anyone really like obnoxiously hot, humid Central Florida summer weather? Yes. Me.

Point Me in the Direction of Lake Eola

Ryan and I finally chose our “eventually” city. But it’s not L.A. And it’s not New York anymore, either. What if I told you it’s Orlando, Florida?


Does the place you’re from really define who you are? Or are the places you’ve been along the way more important?

If Not Now, I’ll Tell You When

So we’ve set a potential date for heading for Los Angeles–and it’s sooner than we both anticipated.

B’nei Los Angeles

It’s official. Ryan and I have decided to trade the Second City for the second city. Hooray for Hollywood: we’ll be moving to Los Angeles.

Leaning Towards a Warmer Climate

A day with a high of 10 below seems like a good time to explain why I may move to Los Angeles. A warmer climate is not the biggest reason.

Los Angeles and the Dignity of Bus Stop Shelters

Why Los Angeles doesn’t have adequate bus stop shelters. And why it should.

Cincinnati Is Cool, Part 2: The Streetcar Edition

In 2008, I wondered if up-and-coming Cincinnati’s self-destructive strain of casual racism would ever be defeated. This month, that’s exactly what happened.

Aging at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee is always 11 days over the first two weeks of August. My birthday is always in the first week of August. Truly, it is a match made in heaven.

Michael of Babble

The part I’ve feared would never happen about a.) becoming Jewish, and b.) going to rabbinic school is coming to pass. I’m starting to understand spoken Hebrew.