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Mike Doyle

I’m an #OpenlyAutistic gay, Hispanic, urbanist, Disney World fan, New York native, politically independent, Jewish blogger in Chicago. I believe in social justice, big cities, and public transit. I write words and raise money for nonprofits. I’ve written this blog since 2005. And counting...

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On My 21st Chicagoversary, I No Longer Have Faith in Chicago

Progressive mayoral tantrums trying to class-shame people to stay just remind Chicagoans who’ve decided to leave why they’re leaving.

When the Rabbi Shows You Their Backside, Show Yourself Out

When the synagogue Membership Director asked why we were leaving, I felt bad giving an honest response. But I should have.

A Republican Jew on Passover

A friend used to say neither party was truly on the side of actual Americans. But after 10/7, Republicans didn’t come for the Jews. Democrats did.

If Not Now, Later Is Okay Too

Walter, an orange tabby cat, lies on his side on a towel on futon sofa, in front of throw pillows.

Two months since the October 7th massacre, many Jews feel torn between a need for self-care and urgings by some to continue the work of social justice.

A Jew with Corrective Lenses

I’m a Jew who never expected my identity, worldview, and politics to suddenly shift in the course of a single, awful day. And I know I’m not alone.

Why I’ve Stayed in Chicago for 20 Years

It’s not easy or pretty, but life isn’t without challenge anywhere else in America either. We stay because so many things about this place make us care enough to stay. And that’s something I think outside observers always miss about Chicago.

“I Bet Your Blog Becomes All About Autism”

Michael Thaddeus Doyle at Parque Eduardo VII in Lisbon Portugal in 1999

I thought coming out only happened once. Then 2020 proved me wrong. Hi, I’m Michael. And I’m autistic.

And Not Another Shit Was Given That Day

The difference between me and a native Chicagoan? I always say what others only dare to think.

Hebreo Rizado

Sometimes when you’re ‘Jewish and’ you just have to lead with the ‘and.’ I’m a Hispanic Jew who’s taking off his kippah.