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Compassionate Resistance for 3/24/17

Compassion Equals Strength

This post is part of my “Compassionate Resistance” series, a regular roundup of stories of local resistance from across America. This series was inspired by and is part of Powerful Resistance, a grassroots project to counter the injustice of the current administration by promoting positive stories of justice and compassion. 

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  • County to Distribute “Know Your Rights” Pamphlets at Its Facilities (KVIA El Paso): “We want to make sure that even folks who are U.S. citizens have access to this information,because they may have relatives who are undocumented or they may have neighbors and friends, people they know and care about, that need to have access to this information.”
  • In Its Sanctuary Cities, America Is Already great (Bloomberg): “That helps explain why with a combined population of more than 19 million, or 5.8 percent of the country’s 320 million people, the five largest cities in 2015 accounted for $3.7 trillion, or 20 percent, of U.S. gross domestic product.”
  • This Is How a Resistance Movement Succeeds (Huffington Post/World Post): “Lasting solutions to social problems can only be realized when a powerful narrative and a concrete plan emerge from within a well-organized movement that has popular and charismatic leaders. These ingredients can be found in just about any successful movement in human history.”



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