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Compassionate Resistance for 3/23/17

Compassion Equals Strength

This post is part of my “Compassionate Resistance” series, a regular roundup of stories of local resistance from across America. This series was inspired by and is part of Powerful Resistance, a grassroots project to counter the injustice of the current administration by promoting positive stories of justice and compassion. 

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  • Sanctuary Cities Are as Old as the Bible (JSTOR Daily): “The competing meanings of sanctuary—to preserve the lives of murderers; to create temporary safety for fugitives; to maintain basic well-being for people fleeing oppression; to guarantee human rights—may keep the global debate about our obligations to each other alive.”
  • Live Readings of the United States Constitution (The Mountain-Ear): “People usually groan at certain points, like when Prohibition was enacted and more recently during the Emoluments Clause, and cheer at others: the end of slavery, the granting of the vote to all ethnicity, and women.”
  • Introducing the F.U.C.K. I.T.T. List (Bitch Media): “Every month, we’ll be tackling a new phrase from the liar-at-large’s lexicon and pulling back the veil to help our community stay critical and savvy of the media that surrounds us.”



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