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You Can Go Home Again: The 10th Anniversary of CHICAGO CARLESS

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When I hunkered down on the carpet of my long-former Marina City high-rise home in June 2015 to come up with a name for my new blog, I never though CHICAGO CARLESS would be forever. As of last weekend, though, my little patch of the Internet has been around for ten years. So happy decade-versary to me!

That’s a long time, and it’s amazing to me to think how much has changed in my life since June 2005. Back then, I was a Chicagoan of barely two years, still missing my eight previous years of life in Brooklyn, just out of a career in urban planning, just into a major relationship, and a skyscraper-dweller for the first time in my life. You could have knocked me over with a feather if you told me that ten years later I’d be long gone from said high rise, in my fifth year of a lifelong relationship, still in Chicago, leaving urban planning for the second time, a convert to Judaism, and reunited with my family again.

But it all came to be. Last year, I wasn’t happy about still being a Windy Citizen as Ryan and I made plans to move to Los Angeles. This year, after the life-changing, wholly holy experience of becoming part of my birth family again after 20 years, life–in Chicago and in general–isn’t so fraught anymore. The life plan still aims at Queens to be with my family. But knowing them again after so long makes life much sweeter wherever I may be. That has been the high point of the past year–the past 20 years, in fact. I wished to know the family of the father I never head for a long, long time. In the end, I got back the family I always had, instead. What more can I say?

Except shouting about, at long last, becoming a Mac user again.

So enough complaining. The past 12 months have been about remembering who I am, and who I’ve always been–and finding out that I’m happier in my own skin than I’ve ever been in my life. I hope my next year of life and of this blog brings as much joy as this one did. May it be so.

Thank you for coming along on my journey with me. Where should we head next?


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“Since 2005, the blog and I have covered a lot of ground together. The act of reflecting on my life in this city and writing about it on a regular basis helped me figure out why I moved to Chicago, how much I love the place, and what I think could stand improvement here. It has also helped me understand my strengths (like discovering how well I write) and weaknesses (not playing the Chicago game.) Most of all, it’s taught my friends their favorite phrase of the past five years: “This is off the record, right?…”

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“You might think my big news today is that my blog, Chicago Carless, is six years old. It is, but the buried lede is that tomorrow (or today, by the time you read this) is my forty-first birthday. I did an uncharacteristic thing during my fortieth year: I completed a task I set out to complete before my next birthday. That task was joining the Jewish people–and, boy, were people who know me well blown away that I went through with it. Now that I’ve been officially Jewish for three months, the previous 41 years seem a bit different than they used to. Now I know they were all leading up to the discovery of my Jewish soul….”

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figure eight jewish cakeCatching Up on Jasmine Davila: Eight Years of CHICAGO CARLESS
“One of the few folks I know who has been able to carry it off–and much more consistently than I have–is Chicago blogger diva Jasmine Davila, who has lived decidedly out front online for over a decade at this point. I have always been in awe of her blogging longevity and consistency. (Regular readers may recall my wo-mance with Jasmine from our Vagina Dialogue and my profiles of her and her blog here and here.) So all I have to say is, Jasmine, I’m catching up on you. Neener, neener.”

“What a difference 12 months makes. After giving up on Chicago and all its self-imposed limitations and making deliberate, timeline-strategized plans to relocate to Southern California, this year I got the urban planning/regional development dream job that I thought I’d find when I first moved here in 2003. Shortly afterwards, Ryan got the dream lab operations manager job he’d wanted for years, too. Except we don’t necessarily still want to actually be here. Ah, life, you can be so lifey, sometimes.”

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