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Waking up on 9/11 and not realizing it’s 9/11 is a joyful thing. It’s the exact opposite of what was intended by those who perpetrated the events of that day, so it’s worth remarking on–and holding onto. Thirteen years later, the first thought I really gave to the date was this morning’s, “Oh wow, here it is again.”

Every year I say it’s the last year that I’ll drag out my memorial posts. Yet here I go again. Even the posts speak of a different era of my life, written in Chicago but still long ago. If nothing else, that grounds me with the knowledge that emotionally, I’m in a different place now.

September 11 forever changed my native New York City. It’s what led me to leave Gotham for good and to call Chicago home since early 2003. I prefer Chicago, but sometimes I miss the city of my birth. But my 70s childhood, my 80s GLYNY years in the Village, and my 90s college and planning career years in Brooklyn are as gone as NYC subway rides that don’t include terrorism vigilance warnings over the P.A. system between stops.

That’s as it should be. Remembering the past is one thing. But if we could go back, would we ever really move on?

You can find my 9/11 story in the posts listed below:

Read them or listen to them as the spirit so moves you. And then seize the day.

Together, let’s keep moving on.

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