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Macy’s State Street Axes Info Desk

I’ll never, ever understand after all these years how Macy’s still doesn’t get it on State Street. From 2006 when I became a Tribune “Newsmaker of the Week” for pointing out store signage that made up the names of Chicago streets after Macy’s installed itself in the historic Marshall Field space in the Chicago Loop, it’s rarely gotten better. That snafu was followed by generic ad campaigns that turned off local residents, food prep health code violations, and a series of really bad (really bad) holiday windows.

After we moved from downtown to the far north side two and a half years ago, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to spend time in the State Street store. I should have stuck to that streak. I still work downtown and on a recent walk through the store noticed something interesting missing: the customer information desk. It was still listed on directional signage throughout the store (which, of course, is par for this store.) Trouble is, it wasn’t actually there.

I asked around and learned that Macy’s decided to get rid of it’s customer information desk at the State Street store. Completely. Entirely. If you’re a visitor or new to the store, there is now officially no human being at Macy’s State Street store tasked with the job of helping you actually find what you’re looking for there.

They made the change in favor of having people follow the signage instead. That would be the still-outdated signage if you’re following along. (See that note above about par.)

It’s also interesting what showed up in the State Street store simultaneously: as Macy’s was closing its information desk, it was opening basement and 7th-floor information deks for Choose Chicago, the city’s new, private visitor service. So if you’re new to Macy’s, once you enter the store for the first time, you can find out lots of things to do around town after you exit Macy’s.

As for actually finding your way around Macy’s alleged flagship Midwestern store? Once again–as usual–you’re on your own.

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