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Friday was my last day at the National MS Society, Greater Illinois Chapter. With the end of a challenging fiscal year came the end of my time there, as well as an ending for other staff during September. Unexpected transitions are never easy, but mine were a massively productive two years. As I said on Facebook, I want to thank my co-workers for two problem-smashing, team-building, interdepartmental bridge-building, amazing years getting the Chapter’s online footprint back on track. Sometimes a challenge, sometimes a joy, but always has it been an honor to work with you all!

Another thing I have to say is that I’m well aware and grateful that my personal, professional, and congregational networks are so tight and filled with wonderful, supportive people, it’s hard to see an unexpected transition with anything other than a full heart. I remember several times in my life when I couldn’t have said the same about those around me on this planet–times, I would add, all associated with an earlier me who hadn’t yet figured out the power of, simply, being brave enough to let your light–and your love–shine through.

In my Jewish tradition, we have entered Sukkot, the festival time when we remember dwelling in temporary structures in the desert on our journey to the promised land. The point is not the insecurity of the structures, though. The point is the faith in community and something higher that guides us together, marching forward. Most of all, the point is gratitude.

For two years deepening my online skill set, for hundreds of friendships and acquaintances, for readers near and far, for the blessings of knowing my way around a press conference, strategy discussion, or corporate online footprint well enough to lead people through myself, for a loving partner, for free WiFi at Metropolis, and for so much more, I’m thankful. It is, indeed, a very, very good life.

And should any of you know someone who’d like to talk to their next awesome community manager, let them and me know. You can connect with me at, and learn much more on my LinkedIn page. Let’s have a coffee and talk about it.



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