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2010 Knight News Challenge Deadline December 1st

The deadline for this year’s round of Knight News Challenge grants is December 1st. Managed locally by the Chicago Community Trust, last year’s round of grants, though controversial for some (including me), were a good first foray for the Trust into Chicago’s online world. Recently, I shared my firm belief that local foundations like the Trust are becoming the de facto leaders and conveners of discussions about the future of community news online–mostly because Chicago local bloggers can’t seem to get their acts together to collaborate in financially meaningful ways.

With that in mind, I’m happy to share information about the 2010 Knight News Challenge and how to apply as provided to me by the Trust’s Community News Matters project director, Vivian Vahlberg:

If you have an innovative media technology idea, you might be able to get funding from the Knight News Challenge contest.

Run by the Knight Foundation, the grant competition awards up to $5 million annually for innovative projects that use digital technology to transform the way communities send, receive and make use of news and information.

More info can be found here: The site includes application information, as well as details about past winners.

This year’s application deadline is December 1. The News Challenge is looking for applications in four categories: mobile, authenticity, sustainability and community.  All projects must make use of digital technology to distribute news in the public interest.

The contest is open to anyone in the world.

A simple description of the project is all you need to apply. Submit a brief pitch to If the reviewers like it, you’ll be asked to submit a full proposal later.

If you have questions you can a) reference the FAQ:, or; b) check the archived chat transcript here: (another live chat will be held before the end of the contest period, time/date TBD)

You can follow Knight Foundation at The News Challenge Twitter hashtag is #knc


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