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Windy Citizen Widens Discussion with New “Essential Chicago” Facebook Page

Popular local “Digg”-style headline news site Windy Citizen is taking the discussion to Facebook this month. Its new Essential Chicago Facebook page is aimed at creating a forum for spillover conversations about Chicago events, attractions, lore, and local blogs that go beyond the scope of the comment threads that accompany local-news headlines on Windy Citizen’s parent site.

The idea to extend the discussion model beyond news headlines seems like a good one. The¬†Facebook page already has close to 500 members in its first week of publication, and if recent, animated discussions by WC’s more than 2,000 members on Windy Citizen, itself, are any example, in the coming weeks Essential Chicago readers likely can expect fast-paced conversations about diverse local topics to materialize–and potentially storm–there are as well.

At the moment, forum threads on WC’s new Facebook page are concentrating on “best and worst” lists, which may not be the most interesting use of the site’s potential. I invite interested readers to follow the above link to Essential Chicago and wade into–and widen–the discussion a bit. You can find additional news about the Facebook page and Windy Citizen in general on the WC Staff Blog.

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