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Browse Me in the Bathroom: New Chicago Carless Mobile Site

Most smart-phone owners will never admit it in public, but there’s a reason so many iPhones accidentally end up floating in toilet water of the unsavory variety. If there’s a Wifi signal to be had, chances are smart-phone owners aren’t reading a magazine in the john these days. Or on the bus, at the dentist’s office, or bored in the back of the bar, for that matter.

And there’s no sense in not marketing to a hidden market. So today I join 2008 (because I really should have rolled this out sooner) in introducing the mobile version of Chicago Carless. If you have my blog bookmarked, now browsing it on an iPhone, Android, or other web-enabled smart phone will bring up a speedy, pared down mobile version that’s a lot easier to read and explore on a smaller screen.

The mobile version of Chicago Carless includes all of the blog’s content, pages, and archives, and will let you easily comment on posts, share posts via email and Twitter, and contact me. Plus, you can toggle the mobile version on and off at any time via a switch at the bottom of the page. I’m using Brave New Code‘s nifty, free, and steadily updated WPtouch WordPress widget to accomplish all of this out of the box. A bit more control of the layout of the mobile categories page would be nice, but considering how easy this was to roll out, I’m not complaining.

If you read my site or would like to read my site on the go from a smart phone, I invite you to go check it out! And please let me know what you think.

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  1. Yes, and I’m trying to handle it! Sometimes I think having ADHD is like when Rose Nylund on the Golden Girls tried to tell three St. Olaf stories at once. She tried to handle that, too. In the same way, the world is really multi-tasking these days in the oddest of locations. I’m just trying to facilitate things, that’s all 🙂

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