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On the Hunt with The Job Stalker

This content originally appeared on my former Chicagosphere online-media blog, hosted on the Chicago Tribune‘s ChicagoNow network.

Leery of job-coaching sites that over-promise but under-deliver, Chicago job-seeker Brendan Tripp (@btripp) writes ChicagoNow’s The Job Stalker, a candid look what it takes to find a job in what we all hope is the tail end of the New Depression.

A PR and publishing professional, Tripp, who spends 8 to 12 hours looking for a new job, hopes to help unemployed readers better understand and manage their own job searches through peering through a window on his experiences pounding the pavement.

It’s a thoroughly electronic pavement these days. Tripp says he concentrates on social-media and other online sites to generate enough leads to send out half-a-dozen to a dozen resumes a day.

“I’m a bit of an ‘outlier’ in terms of the job search,” Tripp tells me. “I have ‘plausible’ background for at least a half a dozen types of jobs, so my approach has been a lot wider-focus than if I were an accountant or a chef looking for that specific sort of gig.”

Given how common job changes are in today’s economy, the same could probably be said for a lot of his readers. Tripp balances the blog between updates about his personal job search and annotated links to job leads and job advice he finds during his searching.

Tripp offers a lot of how-to and, perhaps more importantly, cautionary advice, too. Recent posts have included how to organize your time as a job-seeker, the danger of paid job boards, and career mis-steps and paltry online compensation schemes to avoid.

Idled Chicagoans seeking a refreshed perspective on their own personal employment hunts may want to give The Job Stalker a browse. You never know where that magic lead will come from…

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