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Burning Down the Night at Marina City

(Photo: It isn’t as if River North hasn’t burned down before… Credit: Cushman Collection.)

This week, it was tongue-in-cheek that I wrote about Marina City covering over its emergency evacuation posters with laundry room memos. The same night I wrote that, a fire broke out on the 29th floor of a neighboring residential high-rise on Wabash Avenue. Then last night, a major fire in a condo tower in Streeterville killed one resident and injured 12 other people.

Now three days later, my blog post doesn’t seem so funny. I wish someone would explain to me why the management of a residential high-rise would ever think that covering up evacuation maps on every apartment floor for any reason–much less to announce the opening of a new laundry room–would be a good idea. The maps were covered over for more than a week in Marina City’s East Tower, and a West Tower resident tells me the management company did the same thing to announce that building’s new laundry room.

I guess that’s the way it always goes here at Marina City. Just when you think the nonstop shenanigans have died down, yet another questionable act occurs. Personally, I’d take pimp dentists over burning to death in the hallways any day.

Or night, for that matter.

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