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  1. Brian, I covered the nickname change ages ago. But I promise, I will consult you on yours the day you end up in a blog post. Don’t get complacent, either. Everyone I know ends up on here at some point 😉

  2. I wish you’d settle on names. I had to check your primer to find out Dr. Dimentia is Sonny, who is the one I met that time at Lido’s. If I should ever warrant a mention in an entry, I want to pick my own name.

  3. Thanks, Sue. I always seem to date men not from Chicago (well, except for that pesky doctor), but even after 7 years, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Thanks for reading!

  4. You are to funny.
    I am ex Chicagoan who’s big not so fat Greek family forced to move to Florida. Yikes!!!!!
    what culture shock i will never conform and i am not using mayo on anything ever. lol
    I love and miss my Chicago terribly i am glad you are loving it.

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