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Vegetarian Gumbo Zombie Attack!

Husband-and-wife food bloggers Kelly Reis and Jason Waclawik video their meatless kitchen adventures every week at The Vegetarian Librarian. Just in time for Halloween 2009, on this week’s show some unexpectedly undead guests arrive to sample the duo’s vegetarian/vegan gumbo.

Son of Chitown Daily News to Debut in November

When the Chicago blogosphere’s star local news site, Chitown Daily News, suddenly folded in early September due to dwindling finances, editor Geoff Dougherty promised to return ‘within eight weeks’ with a new, more sustainable local news site. True to his word, this week in Crain’s Chicago Business, Dougherty announced the upcoming debut of Chicago Current…a monthly print publication with a companion website. Huh?

My Communicamp Experience: Why Open Conferences Are Danger Zones for ADHDers

Today, I walked out of Community Media Workshop’s Communicamp open conference. It wasn’t for lack of wanting to stay in my seat and spend the day with the cognescenti of the Windy City’s media and blogging worlds. But how do you remain at an event where the rules of the road seem almost aimed at making someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder–like me–feel as out of place as possible?