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New Study Says Under-35s Love to Twitter after Sex

A new report from consumer electronics site Retrevo (@retrevo), promoters of last February’s savvy DTV converter box coupon exchange program, finds that 36% of Twitter and Facebook users under the age of 35 like to post updates immediately after sex. Yes, Retrevo is using its so-called “Social Media Addiction Study” as a marketing ploy. But I have a feeling the findings will have many readers nodding in agreement. If embarrassingly so.

Retrevo’s data came from an online study of 771 demographically diverse individuals, and the site claims the findings are statistically accurate with a 95% confidence level. The study is part of Retrevo’s ongoing “Gadgetology Report” on how people use contemporary consumer electronics.

You can use all that to decide for yourself whether the study is truly accurate. If nothing else, the findings should come as no surprise for anyone too young to remember the Bicentennial. Retrevo reports that social media users 35 and younger check status and post updates far more frequently than users over 35.

How frequently? According to the study findings, if you’re a Twitter or Facebook user under the age of 35:

  • 36% of you post post-coital updates;
  • 27% of you check your status and post updates more than 10 times a day–including 39% of under-35 Twitter users;
  • 40% of you post updates while driving;
  • more than 30% of use Twitter and Facebook while on dates; and
  • a whopping 64% of you post updates at work.

Findings in these areas for we boring over-35s are, er, far lower (browse the study findings to learn just how boring we are.)

My question about all this is not directed at Retrevo. I’m more curious to know how many people reading this think the findings describe them…and are brave enough to admit it in public. You know, in front of the people you told you were just going to brush your teeth before you locked the bathroom door, pulled out your iPhone, and tweeted about your latest conquest from the Underground or Sidetrack.


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