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On Chicagosphere: Why the Sun-Times Deserves to Die

(Graphic: It’s been a quiet few weeks…not.)

As I dig myself out from my blogging hibernation of the past few weeks here on Chicago Carless, things have been a bit more steady over on my ChicagoNow blogosphere-watcher byline, Chicagosphere. If you know one thing about me from reading Carless, I’m not half shy about sharing my opinion.

Keeping that in mind, today on Chicagosphere I asked whether the Chicago Sun-Times union truly understands the endgame faced by their paper and journalism in general, calling out the Chicago Reader‘s Michael Miner along the way for suggesting that columnists be forced to ditch commentary in favor of strict news analysis. (There’s nothing I find more tiresome than yet another reporter throwing the rest of the world under the bus for the failings of their own field.)

Of course you know, that’s not the only viewpoint I’ve shared recently. If you’re son inclined, I invite you to browse through my recent Chicagosphere columns (as usual, you probably should buckle-up, first):

Why the Sun-Times Deserves to Die
Last week, Chicago Newspaper Guild members working at the Sun-Times rejected the conditions of a last-ditch rescue effort for the tabloid. Does Chicago’s #2 paper have to go out of business for journalists to finally understand their profession has no bargaining power left? And just how many boring, finger-pointing columns does the news-reading public have to sift through before reporters finally take responsibility for their own livelihoods?

Columnists on Chris Kelly
Many local columnists covered the unexpected death of former Blagojevich croney Chris Kelly. Most rehashed their own words or the words of others. But a few really nailed the sad, simple nature of the situation.

Now on Sale: Social Media Management?
Frequently, nonprofits try to save money by eschewing PR strategy and handing over their all-important social media outreach efforts to neophyte college interns. You know what? You get what you pay for.

Chicago Online News: The Best of What’s Left
In the wake of the shutdown of the Chitown Daily News, I look at the the Windy City’s remaining sources of online news–and continue to caution local bloggers against relying on foundation money for long-term sustainability.

Analyzing Helen Shiller’s Response to the Uptown Riot Controversy
In late August, 46th Ward alderman Helen Shiller released an amazingly tardy, poorly worded response on the controversy generated by last month’s video of a riot in the Uptown community. I put on my PR strategist had and picked apart Shiller’s statement paragraph by paragraph looking–in vain–for evidence of responsible governance.

Why the Everyblock Sale Matters: Chicago Foundations Pass the Buck on Sustainability
Everyblock was lucky to be bought out my But the result might have been different if a savior hadn’t shown up after the Knight Foundation walked away at the end of its grant agreement.

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