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Where’d Chicago Go?: Skyscraper Roofdeck Fog Bank

With the freak-show weather we’ve been having this summer in Chicago, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the Windy City ended up topped in a John Carpenter-esque layer of fog. It’s one thing to watch the Sears Tower (’til the grave, folks) disappear into the murky whiteness from below. It’s quite another to stand atop one of Marina City’s twin, 61st-floor open-air roofdecks and try and make out the Chicago Loop from inside the aerial fog bank, itself. Odd. Eerie even.

(Video: “We were aided by an unearthly fog that rolled in, as if Heaven sent, although God had no part in our actions tonight. Blake’s gold will be recovered tomorrow…” The Fog, 1980.)

Living in the corncobs, I’ve had that experience many times before. This perilously vaporific morning, I headed up to the East Tower roofdeck with my Flip ‘corder to give you an idea what it’s like to wonder where in all heck Chicago went from 550 feet above downtown. To see what’s missing in today’s video, take a look below at the video blog I shot one sunny day back in April from the exact same vantage point.

Dramatic weather changes are among my favorite reasons to live in Chicago. It’s not like I ever heard the weather sirens go off in New York to signal a funnel cloud. Although next time I flee from one (or stand on my balcony waiting for death), I’ll be sure to hit the record button…

(Click the HQ buttons for higher-quality videos. RSS subscribers, click here (fog walk) and here (sunny walk) to view the videos on CHICAGO CARLESS.)

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