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Beyond the Pedway: Video Interviews with Chicago Creatives

This content originally appeared on my former Chicagosphere online-media blog, hosted on the Chicago Tribune‘s ChicagoNow network.

Each week on his Beyond the Pedway video blog, freelence web developer Tim Jahn interviews the leaders of creative Chicago companies to learn what makes them tick–and why they call the Windy City home.

A member of the social media team of The Chicago Convergence, a grassroots collaborative of creative professionals using new media to network and distribute their work, Jahn created Beyond the Pedway blog to more deeply explore the universe of interesting, online-aware companies in Chicago.

Jahn’s intent is to interview companies representing a broad spectrum of creative and new-media endeavors including Internet startups, video production firms, PR houses, casting companies, video game developers, and more, and connect them with a wider audience.

Each video interview also includes music from a local musician or band from Jahn’s self-described “backyard” of Chicago. (Jahn, himself, hails from Buffalo Grove–check out his annual, musically synchronized Christmas lights displays here.)

The videos are slickly produced and engaging. For a great example, start with Jahn’s interview with the staff of Chicago’s hyper-popular tee-shirt design contest and company, Threadless:

Don’t stop there. See also recent, interesting video interviews with online caregiver matching agency Sittercity, extra casting firm ExtraOrdinary Casting, and local-deal site Groupon. All of the videos are available on the Beyond the Pedway blog, itself, as well as on Jahn’s Vimeo and sites.

Jahn’s own eponymous blog is worth a browse in its own right. On it, he poses brief questions that explore the intersection of creativity and contemporary business addressing topics like dealing with naysayers, changing corporate direction, and knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Finally, be informed The Chicago Convergence will hold a three-day networking summit beginning Monday, September 21st, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Streeterville. Follow the link for more.

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