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Lately on Chicagosphere: Conquering the World, Gay Pride, & Healthy Hotties

(Graphic: Do you have a blog the Windy City should know about?)

I’ve covered some interesting items in the past few weeks on Chicagosphere, my blog about Windy City blogs on the Tribune’s ChicagoNow online network. The network is still in beta, but the community is thriving and I’d love you to come be a part of it.

Here’s a look at the bloggers and issues I’ve featured on Chicagosphere in the past two weeks. If you have a favorite site you think more people should know about it, pitch me at: mikedoyleblogger (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Beachwood Reporter: Conquering the ‘Net One Niche at a Time
Blogmeister Steve Rhodes is out to prove that opinionated niche news sells newspapers. At least virtual ones. His Beachwood Reporter is a juicy smirk-fest of local proportions. But if this web visionary told you his next killer strategy, you might end up sleeping with the fishes.

Jeff Ramone’s Supersensibly Perceptive Gay Ten Commandments
A sardonic gay Chicagoan with no love lost for the status quo puts out a call to arms for the LGBTQ community to know where it came–and where it stands today–if there’s ever going to be hope to achieve true equality.

Don’t [Blank] Around with The Daily Blank
A new news-satire blog shouts its way onto the local scene–but are they making guinea pigs out of their audience?

How to Be a Healthy “Hottie” with
Chronic pain suffer Jenni Prokopy shows young women how to deal with ongoing health issues and still let the “Babe” within shine.

Scotty’s Got an Awesome Blog
Scotty Iseri wanted, got, lost, and is again on the hunt for an office job. His video blog chronicling all that is one of the funniest you’ll ever see.

Bloggers Respond to Chicago Media Future Conference
I review the reactions of my media peers to June 2009’s Chicago Media Future Conference, which I also attended. For a conference with “Chicago” and “future” in the title, I found myself straining to hear much mention of either one.

Finally, if you like what you’ve read on my Chicagosphere byline, please consider subscribing there as well. And thanks for checking it out!

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