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This content originally appeared on my former Chicagosphere online-media blog, hosted on the Chicago Tribune‘s ChicagoNow network.

When mediabistro reported the firing of Scotty Iseri last week, it seemed like a golden era of Windy City videoblogging hijinks might be coming to a close. Last June after seven years as a freelance foley artist (that’s sound designer to you and me), Iseri launched Scotty Got an Office Job (SGAOJ), a hysterically sneaky video blog lampooning the absurdity of corporate-cubicle culture recorded from inside his workplace (with lots of nifty post-production thrown in).

This month, Iseri’s bosses–collectively code-named “Brian Boquist”–got wind of the blog, accused him of corporate insurrection, and summarily canned him. Fools. Had they done their due diligence in the first place, they might have known the hard-to-bridle creative powerhouse they were dealing with.

(Video: Scotty loses an office job.)
Prior to SGAOJ, in addition to being widely acclaimed for his sound-design skills, Iseri had won rave reviews in for his Big Rock Show, a two-man act billed as the “World’s Smallest Stadium Rock Concert”, as well as blogosphere clippings for his public-transit Paper Hat Game.
Surprising himself by landing an office, job, Iseri launched SGAOJ as a way to explore his new, substantially alien surroundings. In the past year, he’s lampooned workday hangovers, loudmouth coworkers, office-kitchen politics, intransigent pop machines, interminable staff meetings, and much more.

My favorites are the musical numbers. Take a look at these two SGAOJ episodes to see why:

(Video: Scotty dances the dance of get-me-outta-here.)
(Video: Scotty sings the song of office insolence.)

This week, on the newly renamed Scotty Wants an Office Job, Iseri let’s it be known his humorous look at office life has not come to end. His latest offering: a cautionary, tongue-in-cheek re-telling of how not to do a phone interview.

(Video: Scotty has a bad phone interview.)

I encourage you to browse the rest of Iseri’s video blog (also available on iTunes), and check out this excellent review on for another perspective on his video antics. A wise workplace would hire Iseri and make him their irreverent corporate ambassador. Of course, if there were that kind of wisdom in Windy City boardrooms, he’d have nothing to riff on. So thanks go to Brian Boquist.

Really, you had it coming.

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