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Lately on Chicagosphere: Media Skills, Mayoral Thrills, Urban Ills

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We’re having some fun now over on Chicagosphere, the blog about Windy City blogs I launched on the Tribune’s ChicagoNow blog network last month. If you haven’t yet, come on over and check out what I and my fellow CN scribes have been getting up to.

Here’s a sampling of what I’ve covered most recently on Chicagosphere. If you have a favorite blog you think more people should know about it, pitch me at: mikedoyleblogger (at) gmail (dot) com.

Urbanophile Blog Blasts Nichols Bridgeway
Urban thinker Aaron Renn takes a look at the design, functionality, and impact of the Modern Wing’s new flying span and ends up wishing the structure would just fly away.

Flaying Daley Daily on the Windy Citizen
Political observer Anna Tarkov dogs Mayor Daley on a daily basis in the virtual pages of the Windy Citizen.

Meet the Blogosphere
After a week of conferences on the future of local news, I suggest the traditional media world finally learn the blogosphere’s rules of the road.

News from the Flip Front: The World According to Jasmine Davila
A heartfelt blogger lays the happy out with the sad to craft the long-running story of a first-rate Second City everywoman.

Have Bike, Will Travel: Jennifer’s General Carlessness
A hard-core Chicago cyclists chronicles a life on the bike seat in a city where winter is a six-month-long word.

Amid the Ruins: Photoblogs of Yesterday’s Chicago
A group of compelling photobloggers who shoot the forgotten, unknown, and decaying bits of Chicago you wish you had the guts to explore yourself.

Can You Blog in Exactly 72 Words?
This group fiction blog does. And well, at that.

In Focus: Seeking Chicago Video Bloggers
Now that video blogging tools are available to almost everyone, here’s a look at video bloggers doing it right in the WIndy City.

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