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Oinklings from My First Week Writing Chicagosphere

(Graphic: Listen, I didn’t design the masthead...)

Lately, that damned Chicago Tribune‘s been keeping me up nights more than Mr. Shnozzle’s shnozzly upstairs banging. I’ve had the sleepless time of my life during my first live week scribing my new ChicagoNow (beta) blog-roundup column, CHICAGOSPHERE.

I’m already being pitched on a regular basis by bloggers and their fans suggesting sites for me to cover over there. (Keep it coming!) And I still can’t get over the fact that I’m now writing what literally is the retooled original Trib column, Chicago’s Best Blogs.

Besides yesterday’s Wall Street Journal interview (not yet published), perhaps even more miraculous were those scamps over at Chicagoist blogging barely one hour and forty minutes after the ChicagoNow beta went live on Tuesday:

“Most notable of the pre-existing non-Trib blogs that have so far been added are CTA Tattler and Mike Doyle, of Chicago Carless, who is heading up Chicagosphere, a look at the Chicago blog scene.”

You know, Chicagoist, my nemesis from February’s Intelligentsia Clover machine controversy? One of whose bloggers I told to suck my hoo-ha on national LGBT podcast, Feast of Fools (now Feast of Fun)? Them.

Well, color me bygoned. Not long after I shouted out to Chicagoist from an afternoon Chicagosphere post, earning me the email message from Chicagoist editor Marcus Gilmer, “Well played, sir. I tip my hat to you.”

I swear I don’t feel dirty. Mostly what I feel is a sore throat and wheezy chest. At least the burning desire to figure out whether I’m just having another asthma-infused pollen allergy attack or instead have come down with the snout flu thanks to swine-flattened Pastry Chef Chris is keeping my head from swelling too much to fit back in the balcony door.

As a sit here overlooking downtown Chicago, occasionally checking my rump for curly-tail growth, here’s the rest of what I’ve covered on Chicagosphere this week (my earlier posts are summarized here). If you haven’t stopped by over there yet to check out the place, do. I’m eager to know what you think–please leave comments as you see fit.

And if you see me coming this weekend, it’s probably best to listen closely for evidence of oinking…

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