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Goatee down, goldilocks curls to go. Yours Truly takes a long-needed trip to the barber shop and comes back a bit too happy for his own good. It’s all tongue-in-cheek fun. Or tongue-in-something. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

(Video: “You wanna rub me where?”)

(Click the HQ button for a higher-quality video. RSS subscribers, click here to view the video on CHICAGO CARLESS.)


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Michael Thaddeus Doyle

I'm a NYC-native, Latino, Jew-by-choice, hardcore WDW fan in Chicago with an Irish last name. I believe in social justice, big cities, and public transit. I do nonprofit development. I've written this blog since 2005. Believe in the world you want to live in.

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  1. Rampant narcissism aside, this video represents a move from Vimeo (www

    hours without warning rendered some of my video blog posts (and according to Vimeo’s own forum, a lot of other people’s embedded videos) unwatchable.

    While YouTube does not offer the same level of quality as Vimeo, I want to ensure that my viewers on CARLESS see the videos as intended. An all-important embedded player suddenly going haywire and wreaking havoc on already published videos is just not cool.

    So goodbye, Vimeo. Hello, YouTube. As of now, all the video blog posts here on CARLESS are now embedded from YouTube.

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