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Why I Like the Chicago ‘L’

A visit from an NYC friend yesterday reminded me how much I prefer the Chicago ‘L’–and Chicago, in general–over New York and its (apparently) increasingly dangerous subway. Click above to view my premiere video blog and I’ll tell you my reasons why.

(Video: On the NYC subway, sitting in pee is the least of your worries….)

(Click the HQ button for a higher-quality video. RSS subscribers, click here to view the video on CHICAGO CARLESS.)

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Michael Thaddeus Doyle

I'm a NYC-native, Latino, Jew-by-choice, hardcore WDW fan in Chicago with an Irish last name. I believe in social justice, big cities, and public transit. I do nonprofit development. I've written this blog since 2005. Believe in the world you want to live in.

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9 replies

  1. I mostly love riding on the CTA!

    It’s only when people use the platforms and CTA elevators as urinals that I’m not so convinced.

    Every day, someone pisses in the Red Line elevator. Every. Single. Day.

  2. Must’ve been another Tony living in NYC, and sounds a bit like an urban legend. Gotham is still the just about the safest big town in Amurka 🙂

  3. I have the Flip also! Mine’s the older version however (the Flip Ultra I believe). I recently lost it which is a tad troublesome because I have 2 pretty embarassing videos of me sobbing on it the night I turned 30.

  4. Thanks, neighbor!

    For the record for anyone interested, I’m using a nifty, teeny Flip Mino camcorder (the sub-$200, non-HD model). I could upload the video from the associated FlipShare software from my Mac directly to YouTube, but the quality penalty is too high.

    Instead, I’m compressing the native AVI files with (the now-defunct but still-working) iSquint and uploading manually to (the no self-serving ads allowed) Vimeo, which takes a bit longer but preserves an amazing amount of quality and detail.

  5. What a cool idea to home decor. And “carrying my debit card in my Keds’…priceless.
    (now I fully understand your facebook post about the better lighting)

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