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Big Gay Guest Shot: My Interview on “Feast of Fools”

(Photo: I’d like some cream with that…)

Today, I’m the featured guest on Chicago’s homegrown Feast of Fools podcast, the most popular LGBT-themed daily talk show on the planet. Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of: a giddy gay blogger!

Last week, I almost fell off my seat when FoF hosts Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion emailed me an invitation to be on the show. I’m a regular listener to the always hysterical, often touching roundtable discussion program the pair have produced to wide acclaim out of their north-side Chicago home studio since 2005.

However, I’m no RuPaul. Or Kathy Griffin. Or Margaret Cho. Or Alpana Singh. Or Varla Jean Merman. Or one of any number of local and national abject diva luminaries of fabulosity that Fernós and Felion regularly fête on the show. So color me happily astonished and grateful for the opportunity to meet two of my blogosphere heroes in person and sit behind their magic microphone.

Yes, friends, that’s the sound of your favorite crabapple blogger profusely gushing.

I had an awesome time on their “Gay Fun Show”, which recorded Sunday night for debut Monday morning. The FoF pair quizzed me on popular topics from CHICAGO CARLESS, including the Intelligentsia coffee-controversy-that-wouldn’t-die, my struggle with ADD, adventures in gay speed dating, and meeting the only man who ever wanted to dance with me.

In particular, Fernós and Felion questioned me at length about Chicagoist’s flaming reaction to my criticism of Intelligentsia’s recent price increases. I’d like to say that in response I provided some thoughtful commentary regarding that oh-so-wildly waggish, municipally monickered news blog and its right to express an opinion, no matter how inflammatory.

However, regular readers wouldn’t be a bit surprised if, instead, I took off my earrings, put down my purse, slapped Chicagoist’s shit, and told the bitch-ass to get the fuck up out my grill.

And regular readers won’t be disappointed, either. Fasten your seatbelts, folks.

[To hear the rest of my caffeinated comments, visit the Feast of Fools interview page to download or live-stream the show, or subscribe in iTunes.]

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Michael Thaddeus Doyle

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6 replies

  1. Finally, a real Adult ADD blog. I thought the only ones in existance is the ones telling you to get an electronic organiser etc.

    This is the type of ADD blog I want to read.

  2. Wow. You said, “Get the fuck up out my grill.” What’s next, telling them to “stay the f*ck up out yo’ biznass, your biznazz?” Random note: Did you know that Ludacris is not available on iTunes? What’s that about?

  3. I should also add, Marc and Fausto are as gracious, kind, and funny in real life as you’d think they would be from the podcast. I felt welcomed and made to feel at ease from the moment I walked into their studio to the moment I left, 2 1/2 hours later. What a class act.

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