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Sin with Chili at Cinner’s, But Hold the Rice at Wow Bao

(Photo: My Cincinnati chili king, Tony Plum, poses among his faithful subjects. Credit: Chicago Reader.)

You’d think by this late-holiday time of year Yours Truly would be done eating.  If you didn’t know me at all, that is.  Instead, this week I paid visits to a couple of my regular joints: Lincoln Square’s authentic Cincinnati chili parlor, Cinner’s; and the north Loop’s chainy but yummy Asian bun eatery, Wow Bao. And as usual, I’m telling you all about it on my Gapers Block:Drive-Thru foodie byline:

Sinful Cincy Chili at Cinner’s
Click through to learn why Tony Plum’s Cincinnati chili parlor–the only one in all of Chicago–has given me a great reason to be a Lincoln Square local for months.

Wow Bao, Hold the Rice
Or read my take on the Lettuce Entertain You empire’s consistent but occasionally overpriced local Chinese (oops, I guess I mean “Asian”) bun chain.

What the hell, read them both.  After all, I wrote them just for you and you wouldn’t want to give me agida. Well, would you?

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4 replies

  1. Shredded Swiss? No red beans? Surely you jest? I bet the chili’s spicy, too. Why, they’ve probably never even heard of Graeter’s! You might as well send me to Chili-Mac 5-Way on Broadway for an equally inauthentic grease bowl.

    Just the thought of it has me clicking my heels and reciting, “There’s no place like Skyline…”

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