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Cut-Rate Macy’s Holiday Windows: The Movie

(Photo: Next year’s Walnut Room Christmas tree? Original Credit: not Mike.)

This from fellow blogger Leigh Hanlon over at Thrillarama: a video podcast of this year’s (allegedly) animated holiday windows at Macy’s State Street, known to you me and every other Chicagoan as “the former Marshall Field’s.”

Last month after viewing the windows and feeling my heart sink from their abject suckiness, I wrote in these pages and over at HuffPost:

“Macy’s State Street has cost-cut its Chicago Loop holiday windows and Christmas tree so deeply this year, I personally don’t believe it’s worth bothering to make that time-honored family foray downtown to see them.”

In case you didn’t believe me then, take a look at Hanlon’s video and decide for yourself whether the firing of longtime window dresser Amy Meadows in January of this year was really such a bright idea. (If you’re reading, Macy’s honcho Terry Lundgren, here’s a hint: no, it wasn’t.)

“Macy’s Holiday Windows Suck” from Leigh Hanlon

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