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Latest Foodie Roundup from My Gapers Block Byline

(Photo: Just keep eating; just keep eating...)

It’s been awhile since I told my readership about my recipes and restaurant reviews over at Gapers Block, the deservedly popular home-grown news and features site.  It’s not like I haven’t been stuffing my face, folks (and I’m not just talking about Thanksgiving).  I invite the foodies among you to head over to Drive-Thru, the Gapers Block food and drink channel, to check out what I and my fellow professional eaters have been up to lately.

Most recently for me, that includes:

Crazy for Kimchi Chigae
The return of winter weather, and with it––like clockwork––my beloved personal recipe for kimchi chigae, Korean kimchi-pork belly stew; and

Johnnie’s Beef Pilgrimage
My begrudging ex-New Yorker journey to finding my inner love for Chicago beef sandwiches, as discovered at Elmwood Park’s classic roadside shack, Johnnie’s Beef.

In case you missed them (especially for new readers), don’t forget to also check out:

Lido’s Caffé: Italian Gelato & Cookie Heaven in Oak Park
In my opinion, the best Italian café in Chicagoland (read: authentic Italian cookies, gelato, and coffee) with the warmest welcome from Louise and Lido, a heartwarming couple chasing the American dream;

Drive-Thru Exclusive: “Take Me Out” Hot Wings Return to Pilsen
The triumphant return of the widely hailed Asian hot wings joint, Take Me Out, after being temporarily taken out by a summertime fire; (regular readers will remember my mad dash for cover after first sampling the incredible wings during August’s big tornado scare); and

When an Omnivore Loves a Veggie Reuben
My unexpected opportunity to eat a vegetarian Reuben at veggie/vegan-haven Chicago Diner with a radio microphone in my face as a fellow blogger interviewed me––an avowed meat-eater––about my love for this triumphant, seitan-filled sandwich.

Whew, I’m almost full. Almost, mind you.

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