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Campbell Brown Kicks McCain Adviser Ass

(Photo: If only his campaign–and its aftermath–had been as gracious as his concession speech…)

Last night on CNN, Campbell Brown nailed John McCain’s campaign advisers to the cross, damned near literally. In her “Cutting Through the Bull” segment, she made one thing clear to GOP aides who have been set on publicly humiliating ex-Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin ever since Barack Obama’s historic win: they picked her–and more than that, they have only themselves to blame.

Note to same aides: Duh. Your perspective is almost as ridiculous as arch-conservative Tony Perkin’s spin-worthy idea that moderate Republicans are to blame for leading the GOP astray. You mean by voting Democratic, right, Tony?

Below, view Brown’s stellar commentary (or click through to it here).

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  1. His concession speech really was what his campaign should have been all along. He showed us the man he was before the campaign. If he had behaved as well during the campaign – and chosen a moderate running mate instead of an arch-conservative – election night might not have ended so early.

    I say that, but then I recall the sea of white in the audience at his speech. Not a lot of color there, especially compared with the crowd at Obama’s rally.

    On another note, and it may just be coincidence, I haven’t heard as many horns honking or sirens blaring downtown since election night. Maybe we’re more patient with each other now that we know 85% of us supported Obama. Maybe we’re still in the honeymoon phase. Or maybe it’s just the weather. But there does seem to be a noticeable difference.

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