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Reliving the Grant Park Countdown

(Photo: A city salutes its–and America’s–own. Credit: kirbyfest.)

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As thrilled as the world was to learn that America elected its first black President on Tuesday night, the reaction to the news by revelers at Grant Park was transcendent. Here’s what you didn’t see on TV: a quarter of a million people spontaneously counting down in unison while awaiting the West Coast polls to close.

Drawn from the YouTube feeds of my fellow Obama rally revelers (one word baby: ticketed!), here is how we who were down there experienced the moment when America changed forever.  A big shout out to the Obama supporters who took these videos: Guys & Gals, yes we did!

And if you, dear reader, like the videos, consider clicking through to each person’s YouTube account and telling them so.  (Note: Folks who cannot see the videos in their RSS or email feeds can click the link above each one to watch them directly on YouTube).

From jdmellin (watch on YouTube).

From tylerl82 (watch on YouTube).

From lackadaisicaal (watch on YouTube).

From jmsmcntsh (watch on YouTube).

From kmbst53 (watch on YouTube).

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