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RIP Studs Terkel

(Photo: Louis “Studs” Terkel, May 16, 1912 – October 31, 2008.)

Rest in peace, acclaimed Windy City author-activist-broadcast personality and media luminary Studs Terkel, who died today in his North Side home at the age of 96. A fellow former New Yorker, like me Studs never drove a car and once he got to Chicago never left, by dint of simple, deep love of this place and the people in it.  This city–not to mention the Community Media Workshop Studs Terkel Awards–will never be the same without him.

To learn more about Studs’ life and accomplishments, see the Chicago History Museum’s Studs Terkel online archive, as well as coverage of his passing from CNN and the Chicago Tribune.  Community Media Workshop has also released a statement about the passing of their “patron saint.”

More like co-patron saint of incisive community observers and scribes of everyday life in urban America, along with the equally missed Mike Royko.  I’m hard pressed to name anyone in this town who comes close to following in their everymannish journalistic footsteps. And that may be the most depressing part of all.

Bye, Studs.

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