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Why I Voted for Barack Obama

The below ad, which speaks beautifully and mercilessly for itself, is why I early voted for Barack Obama. And why you should vote for him, too.  You can also find the ad linked and described on this Huffington Post page.

Caribou Barbie, in the words of Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi (whom you accused of being a “PLO spokesperson”), you’re an “idiot wind”. You don’t have the experience or likely the intelligence to lead this country when (really, he’s ancient already, you know it’s when, not if) McCain drops dead in office.

No matter how many times you wink and talk in circles to try and hide it.

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Michael Thaddeus Doyle

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  2. You know, I actually kept an open mind in this election. I watched the debates (as painful as that was), I researched the third-party candidates. While there are things about John McCain I like, his choice of Palin pushed me away. She has the intelligence and curiosity of George Bush, and that’s not a compliment. (She didn’t even get her first passport until last year, no doubt because she discovered she needed it to get home from Canada. Why do so many people want their leaders to be average? Give me someone who excels at understanding the way the world works. I want people smarter than I am in charge.)

    I supported Hillary in the primary, and I still support her. I think Obama is arrogant, and his wife comes across as angry and racist. Having said that, I think he’s our best chance (among the candidates, that is) for change.

    Eight years of George Bush has created a poisonous environment in this country where dissenters are branded unpatriotic. We can’t continue in that direction, but that’s exactly what Palin would do – and it’s Palin, not McCain, we should be worried about. She has spewed right-wing hatred from day one, and McCain’s staff have been useless in reigning her in.

    Even though I don’t really like Obama and would prefer Hillary, I too cast my early vote in his favor last weekend. We have to change direction, and he’ll do it – especially if the Democrats win a filibuster-proof majority next week.

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