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Best Italian Cookies and Gelato in Chicagoland

(Photo: Food porn in convenient amaretto-cherry cookie size from Lido’s Caffé in Oak Park.)

Lately, my life has been a string of unexpected occurrences that have taken even this life-is-flux loving Buddhist by surprise.   Some haven’t been so pleasant (more on those later).  Two of the happiest have been my rekindled friendship with pastry-chef Chris, and my discovery, through said fellow foodie, of Lido’s Caffé in Oak Park.

The place is the essence of every Italian café I ever settled into back in Gotham, nestled into a midblock space on Marion Street in downtown Oak Park.   Even for an NYC native like Yours Truly, Lido’s is true food porn for anyone who treasures a good gelato or cannoli.    In the past two weeks since learning about it, I have yet to introduce anyone to the above-pictured cookie without watching their eyes roll back in their head with pleasure.

And if you think I’m kidding, read my write-up about the place in the Drive-Thru section of Gapers Block: Lido’s Caffé: Italian Gelato & Cookie Heaven in Oak Park.  Then go.  Just trust me and go.

What?   Seriously, you’re waiting for what?

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