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Good and Awful: Two Tales of Chicagoland Italian Food

(Photo: Just okay has found a home and its name is Francesca’s Forno…)

The past couple of weeks have given me the chance to sample the best, worst, and most unexceptional Italian fare my adopted hometown has to offer.  Personally, I could have stopped after that first part: terrific New York-style thin-crust pizza at Wicker Park stalwart Santullo’s Eatery.

Why, oh why, did I have to gild that lilly with alleged New York-pizza at Highland Park’s mercilessly abysmal New York Slices?  It wasn’t as if Santullo’s nearby neighbor, Francesca’s Forno, did me any palate-cleansing favors.

Today on Gapers Block, read my comparison of the two thin-crust pizzas in New York Pizza Slice Smackdown, and my attempt to like something–anything–of the merely Fair Fare at Francesca’s Forno. Note to Santullo’s: places like Francesca’s and New York Slices are why I love you so.

Just turn down the ceiling fans a notch so nobody gets hurt.

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