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Don’t Have What I’m Having at Icosium Kafe

(Photo: Algerian crepes at Foster and Clark foster a spirit of sharing for Yours Truly.)

Last weekend, foodie partner-in-crime Jamie and I headed to Andersonville’s Icosium Kafe crepe joint to flee the downtown Air & Water Show crowds.  These aren’t your French (or Québécois) grandfather’s crepes. Think Algerian veggie-heavy goodness.  But as Jamie learned the hard way, don’t mimic my order in an eatery that I’m writing about–or how am I going to eat off of your plate?  Head over to Gapers Block today to read my review of Icosium Kafe. And if you see me coming, be prepared to share.

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Mike Doyle

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3 replies

  1. Barnacles? Can’t say I’ve had the pleasure.

    It was something weird–Maybe a crepe with eggs and cheese inside? I had something with lots of veggies and some kind of crumbly cheese and the world’s bitterest hot sauce. Definitely not your usual nutella-banana deal.

  2. What did she have? I agree, the crepes are different. Some of the menu choices (Crepe de Paris with escargots, apples, and brie, for example) do seem a bit outlandish.

    Then again, I’ll happily scarf down barnacles and goat stomach in Portugal, so I’m not the best standard-bearer here.

  3. (Now I am stalking you via your blog. Just taking a break from dense Memos-From-My-Consultant 😉 I had a pretty decent & delicious crepe there, but it was definitely weird. My partner, however, had the weirdest crepe on the planet. Not delicious, just strange.

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