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Weekend Link Love

(Photo: Take me to your leader…and tell him to get this thing off of my head. Credit: Devyn Caldwell.)

This is just a quick weekend shout-out to a few sites that have shown my blog some linking affection in the past few days.  The Chicago Traveler is one the these.  TCT scribe, Matt B, is a Twitter contact and an overall cool netizen.  His site is a look at arts, events, and blogs in Chicago.  For fullest disclosure, his site is part of the b5 media network, but no, I do not get paid to say that.  Definitely worth a look.

Thanks also to Whet Moser at The Chicago Reader, for including CHICAGO CARLESS in the blogroll of the Reader’s Chicagoland blog.  This is the blogsite that, to my mind, the Chicago Tribune is trying to emulate with their Chicago’s Best Blogs feature.  Which I also glance at, but I like Moser’s edgy, opinionated tone (note to the Trib–unbutton those top two buttons an loosen up a smidge).

Finally thank you to Time Out Chicago.  Follow that link and you will find my former partner, Devyn Caldwell, and I featured in the online version of an article about how we pretty much double-handedly got the city to remove security cameras from the top of Millennium Park’s Crown Fountain back in December 2006 (see the photo at the top of this post–at the time, we even got some Tribune and New York Times love, too).  Thanks to TOC for remembering what the two of us accomplished.

However, TOC only links to Devyn’s archival Looper website. Now that site countains some of the best downtown Chicago architectural photography you have ever seen. But Devyn’s been living in NYC and publishing an urban photoblog there for a year now.  Check it out his equally stunning wast coast work at 24 Gotham.

It’s nice to see that some things never change.

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