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What Makes You Smile in Downtown Chicago?

(Photo: The joy’s the thing in downtown Chicago. Credit: RcktManIL.)

Monday’s post on my hikes through downtown Chicago turned out to be one my most widely read ever, especially after being featured Tuesday on Chicago’s leading metablog, Gapers Block.  I’m glad to know others find urban exploration as interesting as I do.

Now, I’m curious to know what are the special corners, nooks, and crannies that you treasure about downtown Chicago.  If something or someplace in downtown Chicago has a special meaning for you, please share it with your fellow readers and me by leaving a comment, below.

The success of the post was an unexpected joy on a day that seemed to be full of them.  As Tuesday began, I returned to the fold of the relaunched Chicago Bloggers webring.

Later in the day, I received an email from the Chicago editor of The Huffington Post, the nation’s most popular news and political group blog, inviting me to participate as a blogger on HuffPost’s forthcoming new Chicago site (more on that later, and as you might imagine, I did not decline).

I ended the day reading a tender email from an old friend, long out of touch, who previously has appeared many times on these pages.  It was this that brought the biggest smile to my face.

What makes you smile in downtown Chicago?

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6 replies

  1. One time when I was on a soutbound Ravenswood [Brown Line] train coming into downtown there was a small child who looked at the bridges and exclaimed Chicago was the best place on earth because we built our bridges out of chocolate. The bridges make me smile now every time I see them.

  2. I just think that the profile of the woman, seen from the back and from and angle and mostly comprised of empty space is pretty cool. yeah, in the evening is pretty nice too. I work at the Thompson Center and get to see it after work a lot.

  3. Ken, thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement about the blog! I truly appreciate it.

    The Picasso is definitely one of my favorites downtown, too–especially from the back with the view of the Methodist skyscraper on the other side of the plaza. Try it in early evening after the crowds have died down. It’s amazing–and much quieter.

  4. Hi Mike,
    I’m the guy who posted the item on Gapers Block, as well as your previous one in response to the woman who felt a car gave her “independence”. I check the local blogs a lot and yours is one of the most readable and enjoyable by far.

    As for what makes me smile in downtown Chicago…
    The Picasso, especially since I finally discovered how to view the “woman” that it was supposed to represent (clue: stand behind it at an angle).
    Kids playing in front of the fountain pictured on this post
    That stupid color changing bank weather clock bell thing. I’ve been seeing it since I was a kid and it reminds me of a simpler time.
    The view of the skyline when driving south on LSD past North Ave.
    There are probably others but I’ll leave it at that.

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