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Pimp Dentist Pleads Guilty

Many have emailed me to ask if I am still covering the Gary Kimmel scandal. You may remember it as the case of Marina City’s alleged pimp dentist that brought unwanted attention to the towers in 2006.

I haven’t been following the story closely lately, but my good friends over at Marina City Online have. They are reporting today that, as many have long suspected would happen, Kimmel, a former corncob towers condo board member, pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of money laundering in connection with a national prostitution ring operated out of several of Kimmel’s Marina City apartments.

I don’t think anyone I have talked to about the allegations in the past two years would be surprised, and as you might expect being a Citizen Blogger, I talk to lots of my neighbors all the time. But it’s not a happy thud, either, hearing this second shoe finally drop.

You can read previous coverage of the scandal as it broke throughout 2006 (shortly after I moved into the corncobs) here on CHICAGO CARLESS in my Gary Kimmel Scandal archives, including my invitation to Chicago Magazine to come interview Marina City residents. (You can read the resulting August 2006 feature by reporter Bryan Smith on the magazine’s website here).

My heart goes out the the man’s family in this–frankly to Kimmel, too. Sometimes we do things out of an ignorance that we regret when we wake up to out actions. Raise your hand if you’ve never been there.

Just maybe not at this sad level.

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  1. How can you feel sorry for the sleezebag? He was not ignorant, it was flat out premeditated. He’s just sloppy and is not exactly a professional crook, just a crook. I displaced him at the dental clinic he used to work at before he went out and started up his own practice and I can tell you firsthand that he definitely has a dark side. He’s fine at playing the “good guy” role in the dental chair but everything else he stands for is likely corrupt. The prostitution ring is probably just one of many illicit operations he has had in the past, albeit a big one. Doesn’t he have a history of insurance fraud as well? I’ve had a few of his “colleagues” tell me similar stories about him. He tried to run me out of business by telling lies about me and I don’t even know the guy. Then he would smile and say hi to me in the elevator as if I didn’t know what was going on.

    When karma bites you in the ass, she bites you hard. Enjoy Hell, Gary. You worked hard to get there.

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