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Webcast of White House Hopefuls Monday Morning in Chicago

Thinking about a good use of time Monday morning? Why not check out what the Democratic presidential candidates are saying to the Laborers’ union? That’s what I’ll be doing…

Monday morning from 8:20 to 11:00 a.m. Central (give or take) at the Chicago Seraton Hotel & Towers in Streeterville, the half-million-member Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) is hosting the first live webcast of White House hopefuls broadcast directly to union members. Scheduled to speak: Joe Biden; Hillary Clinton; John Edwards; Bill Richardson; and Barack Obama…or not (recent event materials suggest our very own Senator may have bailed from the webcast).

The event will be broadcast live on the web at LiUNA Live, and Yours Truly will be live blogging the event here on Chicago Carless.

According to their website, LiUNA is one of the fastest-growing unions in North America, fighting for better wages, good benefits, and safe jobsites for a hardworking membership in the construction, hazardous-materials remediation, hospital, and government sectors. The Presidential webcast is part of the union’s two-day leadership conference (and for fullest disclosure, tardy New Mexico Gov. Richardson will have his own webcast on Tuesday morning).

It’s also part of an earnest outreach strategy aimed at potential union members. To that end, recently LiUNA has been doing a lot of blogging over at the nation’s pre-eminent political blog, DailyKos, on subjects including infrastructure, jobs, and the ongoing mortgage meltdown, and opining on hot-button issues like immigration (and from an angle you wouldn’t expect).

So if you’re up that early, tune in–if not, the event should be archived at the webcast website. To pick up my legitimate press credentials (woo-hoo!), I’ll certainly be awake. Besides, scuttlebutt is we may have to find a workaround for a potential lack of WiFi at the event location (oh, irony), so I better be both awake and caffeine fortified.

Because I’ll have to have my wits about me if I’m forced to blog from my iPhone

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